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Netherlands events

A corporate event is a great tool to get your message across to your audience.
Whether it’s a product launch, staff party or client event, Performance Travel has the solution for you. Organising events means bringing together various suppliers to create the best possible solution. Performance Travel has many years of experience in this field of work.


A venue is most crucial to your event. Looking for venues is a task on itself, three things are crucial in our approach.

1. Where are the clients from

Your target group needs to be able to find the venue easily and it needs to be accessible. Also taken the background in consideration is a crucial part of finding the proper venue. The Netherlands has a great array of religious related venues, but it’s important to determine whether or not that is suitable for your target group. Performance Travel assists you in this process.

2. What kind of venue

Depending on the target group we select the venue, is your event a representation of your company values, is it meant for the employee or clients? Whether an old factory hall where an event is created from scrap or a full service event centre, we specialise in finding the right solution for your event.

3. What is the purpose of your event?

It is evident that events require a certain venue, an announcement by the CEO about sustainability has to take place in a venue that breathes sustainability. Or, a bad news announcement can’t take place in a most elaborate location. We go through your requirements and find the proper venue.
Performance Travel is up for the challenge of organising your event.

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