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Netherlands incentives

Why work with us

Being an external specialist we have great added value for the composing of your incentive program.
We thrive on many years of experience in organising incentives and know exactly what fits with your requirements and wishes.
Our activity is mainly focused on delivering the following products:

  1. development of an incentive concept
  2. original creative program filling
  3. price technical and quality purchasing
  4. budget and process guarding
  5. proper execution

Working with an external agency is a matter of trust. Therefore choosing the right partner is crucial. Our knowledge, services, creativity and contacts together with your contribution will result in a refreshing and different travel destination and a customised program. In this program, elements that are significant for your organisation will be presented and visible.


Performance Travel is member of Site. Site is a global network of industry professionals. Within this network, Performance Travel has gained many great contacts in the world of incentives and motivational events. Apart from Site, we have gotten to know various suppliers, whilst organising incentives throughout the years and attending the industry tradeshows.
We try to select our suppliers based on their experience, their company profile and the personal contact we have with them.

We prefer working with smaller DMC”s who are creative, flexible and dedicated to the success of our programmes.

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