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Frequently Asked Questions

Mr Mice Guy is an independent platform for advise on MICE groups. The platform was founded by an owner of a DMC, with a network of suppliers he works with on a regular basis. It’s logical to present suppliers he has experience with, but he is in no way affiliated to chains or suppliers. 

No, the idea of this platform is to provide non bias and honest advice on MICE groups in the destination where Mr Mice Guy operates. The only stream of income is the fees from the appointments. 

Naturally yes, but the current positioning is based on 30 minutes at a rate of 195,00 Euro. It’s not said that this will never change, but currently this is the fixed fee. A 5 minute chat is possible (you can always hang up), but the fee doesn’t change at this stage. 

When creating this product, I thought about this long and hard. Actually 2 reasons, 1) Mr Mice Guy has invested a considerable amount of time in getting his knowledge and network to where it is now. And naturally, this knowledge and network is something that needs to be constantly updated. 2) With the knowledge and contacts gained, you are able to organize your MICE Project with less budget required, either because you can cut out layers of suppliers or are in a better negotiating position with those layers. 

Mr Mice Guy only provides online advice and won’t be physically present at events he advises on. He can however, advise on local freelance eventmanagers with DMC experience that can assist you with the production. 

Yes, of course! we can talk through complete lay of the land in terms of MICE even if you don’t have a specific project to discuss. 

No, Mr Mice Guy gives you advise from his vast experience, but does not take any operational or legal responsibility on what you do with that advice. 

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