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Our Approach

Our 10 steps to success


You request a quotation with us. Our first step is reading through your briefing and ensuring we understand exactly what it is you are looking for. Briefings vary heavily in quality and sometimes it's necessary to get more details to understand what it is you want and if we are the right match for you. We strive to answer requests within 24 hours.

We start

After we have all the information, it’s our time to shine! We get together and discuss the request. Questions like, which location or hotel is most suitable for the group size and budget? Which activities / venues / entertainment best matches the expectations and budget? After we have had our brainstorm session we start contacting the suppliers with our briefing.


Now the offers from suppliers start rolling in, we check their offers and compare it with (y)our budget. We start making the offer, describing the scenario and different possibilities.

Hit send

We have prepared our offer and the calculation. The budget is met with the best possible conditions. We are confident we can win you over with our proposal, it’s time to send it!

Follow up

Of course we are interested on your initial reaction or remarks on our offer. We contact you after 2 / 3 days to see if everything is clear and understood. After you have given us the ‘go’ to work as your partner on your project, we will continue to handle your project with care and dedication. We keep focused and deliver the best possible conditions for your message


Once the program and required services have been confirmed we set up a confirmation of booking. This confirmation includes the T&C's that apply to the group and naturally we negotiated on your behalf to get the best possible T&C's. It does regularly happen that step 6 and 7 switch positions of course.

Site inspection

Once we've gone back and forth on the perfect program, it's time to show you around town. One of our dedicated projectmanagers leads you past the various suppliers that have been suggested in the program. During these (typically) intense days the programs and required services get shaped more and more.


The devil is in the detail!  We create an action plan with detailed timings and to do's for suppliers and parties involved. In the action plan we display our (local) knowledge and take out any glitches that could become an issue during operations.


After months of planning the details, it's time to shine. Our project managers are onsite ensuring a smooth delivery of what we've been promising all along. Oh's and ah's from your group, you as your client shine and take centre stage while we take care of the rest.

Final billing

The program was very successful and your stakeholders are over the moon. Within 14 days (or earlier if required) we provide you with the final costs and possible add on costs (typically drinks). After your final approval, we issue the final invoice and the project is archived.

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