April 6, 2016

How we work

Performance Travel believes strongly in a quick response and clear communication. Within 24 hours we respond to your request with additional questions or comments and start working on the request. Obviously, you as our client will determine the deadline for turning in our proposal.
We strive for that deadline, but when due to circumstances we face delays, we will immediately update you on the status of your request. Clear.Quick.Open.
We believe using the next five steps enables us to give you the best possible proposal.
What do we do after receiving your request?

1. Establish contact

You request a quotation with us. Our first step is reading through your briefing, where necessary requesting additional information and acknowledging that we have received your request.

2. We start

After we have gotten all the information, it’s our time to shine! We get together and discuss the request. Questions like, which location or hotel is most suitable for the group size and budget? Which activities / venues / entertainment best matches the expectations and budget? After we have had our brainstorm session we start contacting the suppliers with our briefing.

3. Checking and preparing

Now the offers from suppliers start rolling in, we check their offers and compare it with (y)our budget. We start making the offer, describing the scenario and different possibilities.

4. Sending our quotation.

We have prepared our offer and the calculation. The budget is met with the best possible conditions. We are confident we can win you over with our proposal, it’s time to send it!

5. Follow up.

Of course we are interested on your initial reaction or remarks on our offer. We contact you after 2 / 3 days to see if everything is clear and understood.
After you have given us the ‘go’ to work as your partner on your project, we will continue to handle your project with care and dedication.
We keep focused and deliver the best possible conditions for your message.